Drug Abuse Abbreviations

Ron Kilgarlin

April 4, 2023


If you have a loved one struggling with drug addiction, you may wonder what their abbreviations are. These abbreviations speak about drugs in a way that family members and friends can understand. Some different types of abbreviations are used to speak about drugs and alcohol. Understanding these abbreviations can help you keep your loved one safe from harm.


DXM, or dextromethorphan, is a cough suppressant drug used to treat colds and the flu. It is not illegal or a controlled substance in the United States and has many legitimate medical uses.

However, like many other drugs, it can be abused, leading to addiction. This is especially true for those who use it frequently and long-term.

DXM can produce a high similar to other dissociative anaesthetics such as ketamine and PCP. This effect can create a trance-like euphoria lasting up to 6 hours.


COC is an acronym for a certificate of competency, a formal document demonstrating an individual’s proficiency in a particular field or job-specific function. In the workplace, they can prove someone’s worthiness for a promotion or a higher salary. They are also a necessary part of any small business owner’s toolkit.

The COC mobile app is a smartphone app that allows you to browse, play, and search without sacrificing battery life or your eyes. The best thing about this app is that it syncs your content across all your devices, so you don’t have to worry about losing important documents or information. Moreover, it has some cool features, including a cleverly disguised e-wallet.


EDDP is a common metabolite of Methadone. It is produced by the body when Methadone is processed and is a more reliable indicator of medication compliance than parent Methadone testing alone.

Some people who use Methadone divert it or sell it on the streets. They often try to circumvent accurate drug screening by using a technique known as “pill dipping” or “pill dropping.”


Fens are waterlogged wetlands thick with robust tall herbs and tussocky sedges, usually found in the UK. Not just a place for fish or peat, they also make good places to see a variety of interesting plants and animals in the wild.

In short, a fen is an ecological marvel, containing more plants per square meter than most dry lands and generating enough oxygen to keep them going for several decades. Thankfully, most of them are not being degraded by draining them. The most successful fens are those that can retain their water levels year-round.


K2, also known as spice, is a synthetic cannabinoid gaining popularity among prison inmates. It’s an artificial substance that mimics marijuana but can be dangerous and deadly. But the chemicals in K2 can cause sickness, organ failure and brain damage, experts warn.

It’s often sprayed onto herbal materials and smoked or vaporized with electronic cigarettes, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). But the chemicals in K2 can cause sickness, organ failure and brain damage, experts warn.

Julian Shavers, a former Arkansas Department of Correction inmate, died this year after smoking K2. An email from Dana Gordon, the regional vice president of operations for Correct Care Solutions LLC, to her employer, suggests that top ADC officials knew that Shaver had died and was taking steps to educate inmates on the dangers of K2.


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