How Far Back Will a Mouth Swab Drug Test Go?

Ron Kilgarlin

October 6, 2022


Before you get your mouth swab drug test, you should know how long it takes to detect drugs in your system. The detection time will depend on your drug’s dosage and your metabolism. A fast metabolism will reduce the detection time. Knowing how long a drug can stay in your system helps avoid positive results.


When undergoing a drug test, a person’s mouth must be swabbed to detect the presence of impurities. These substances interfere with the reading of a drug test. New types of contaminants are being discovered all the time. To combat this problem, drug testing companies have been developing new tests to detect these substances.

The detection window for oral swabs is between five and 48 hours but can extend up to two days. This means that people who have not been using illicit drugs in a while can have their mouth swab drug test positive. Although the detection window for oral swabs is shorter than that of urine or blood, it is still longer than the detection window for illicit drugs.

Salivary drug test

There are a few ways to beat a salivary drug test, but one of the easiest is to dilute your saliva sample. Before you take a mouth swab drug screening, you should drink plenty of water to dilute the substance. Brushing your teeth thoroughly and eating high-fat foods for at least two hours before the test is also a good idea.

The time it takes to detect a substance in the saliva is called the detection time. It can range anywhere from six to twenty-four hours. The timeframe can vary depending on the importance, the dosage, and your metabolism rate. If your metabolism is fast, you may be able to avoid detection entirely.


A mouth swab drug test is a non-invasive test that detects drugs in oral fluids up to two or three days after a person takes them. The tests are highly accurate and can be performed on-site or in a laboratory. The sample collection takes a few minutes, and results are provided within a few hours. On-site tests are faster than lab tests and are also more accurate.

One thing to keep in mind about a saliva drug test is that it is not a foolproof test. It’s entirely possible to pass it within a few days. Detection time can be shortened or prolonged, depending on the drug, dosage, and the person’s metabolism. Therefore, it is essential to learn how long a saliva drug test can detect certain substances.


Knowing how long back a saliva drug test can detect a drug can be crucial if you are preparing to take one. While most drugs are not detectable in saliva for long, some can remain detectable for as long as 24 hours. The detection time of a saliva drug test depends on several factors, such as drug dosage and speed of metabolism.

You should avoid eating or drinking for at least ten minutes before taking the test. This is important because food, medications, and mouthwash can affect the result. The saliva sample is immediately analyzed or sent to a lab for further analysis.


Benzodiazepines are metabolites, meaning their presence in the body is detected by specific tests. These tests can detect benzodiazepines up to two and a half days after consumption. However, these tests can be expensive and have a shorter detection window than urine tests. Therefore, they are not always accurate.

The time it takes to detect benzodiazepines in the body depends on various factors. However, the drugs generally remain detectable in the body for several days to weeks. This time range varies depending on the number of benzodiazepines taken and the dosage. These drugs can sometimes remain in the body for months or even years. It is important to note that some people’s metabolisms are faster than others. Therefore, those with fast metabolism may test positive for small amounts, while people with a slow metabolism will test positive for high stakes.


The detection window of a mouth swab drug screening depends on the person’s use history and the substance in question. For example, some substances are detected within 30 minutes of ingestion, while others may not be detectable until several days after the person consumes them. This detection window is shorter than the detection window of urine drug tests, which are ideal for workplace drug screening.

The detection window for a mouth swab drug screening is less than that of a blood drug test, which is more expensive and invasive. Also, the results of blood tests contain personal information. However, these tests are more accurate and rarely fail to reveal the presence of any drugs.