hair drug tests
January 5, 2024

Unraveling Drug Testing Methods: Hair Follicle vs. Urine Analysis

Two prominent methods have emerged as the standards in drug testing: Hair Follicle Drug Testing and Urine Drug Testing. Each method has unique attributes and applications, with hair follicle testing gaining traction for its advantages over traditional urine tests. This article explores these advantages, offering insights into why hair follicle testing may be more practical […]

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Exploring Body Hair's Potential in Hair Follicle Drug Testing
October 24, 2023

Exploring Body Hair’s Potential in Hair Follicle Drug Testing

In the realm of drug testing, innovation and accuracy have become paramount. Hair follicle drug testing, known for its extensive detection capabilities, has become a preferred choice in various fields, from employment screening to criminal investigations. Traditionally, scalp hair has been the primary source for this method, but what about body hair? Can body hair […]

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